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Barry Boches & Associates

Client Testimonials

“I hired Barry to defend me against several class 2 felony charges while I was still sitting in jail out-of-state. Within hours of making contact, Barry helped me secure my immediate release on bail; and even convinced the court to apply half of my bail money toward his fee. Barry worked tirelessly to fight my charges, kept good communication with me, and put up with my incessant questions about everything related to my case. After much effort on his part in negotiations with the State about the facts and circumstances of the case, I’m free from this mess with only a misdemeanor to show for it. Barry genuinely saved my career and kept me free from jail, probation, and the uncertainty of trial. His fees are flexible and affordable, his services are well worth every dime. If you’re facing criminal charges of any kind, Barry’s the man to handle it.”

A Happy Client

“Barry did a great job with my case, it took a while but he took the time to do it right. The Dui/Owi was dismissed, and the speeding ticket was amended to a non moving violation so my Ill license remains clear!”

Kristi K.

“Barry is an outstanding lawyer!!! Nice guy, down to earth, understanding, non-judgmental, easy to talk to. (These Are Qualities That Not Many Lawyers Have) No matter has happened in your life, if you need legal service, this is the lawyer for you. Many years experience in the area, great work ethic and above all else, trustworthy. Barry Boches gets the job done, would recommend to Anyone for Anything.”

A Criminal Defense Client

“I was facing a felony case I spoke to a couple different attorneys but they all said I would have to do some prison time then a friend gave me Barry’s number I talked to him had a good feeling hired him and here I am he finished my case yesterday with no jail or prison time and he even reduced my case down to a misdemeanor! I have now told all my friends to call him up when they get in trouble Barry is the best could not be happier!”

Alfredro C.

“Had a huge win today thanks to Barry! If you are looking for someone who knows the law inside out, is established, has great relationships, and is very well respected then Barry is your guy. I interviewed around 15 attorneys including some who have written books on DUI. Barry blew them away with price, knowledge and skill. He won’t play scare tactics, talk down to you, waste your time or your money. He’s the very best in Lake County hands down. THANKS BARRY!”


“AH, if you have criminal cases you should hire Barry as he can work miracles in the court rooms as soon as he walks in you can tell they respect him and he’s awesome when it comes to trials. He is very honest and I have recommended him to all my friends and family.”

Mary L.

“Barry has been my lawyer for over 20 years and has done an outstanding job. If you’re accused of whatever Barry can fix it. Barry you’re the best to you and family and friends.”


“My husband had Barry as his lawyer for about 15 years. I would suggest anyone who has criminal issues use Barry. He was excellent. Very upfront and honest with is clients. And he gets the job done in the court room. Barry has a very well-known reputation in Lake County.”


“Excellent attorney! I appreciate the effort he put into my case. He explained everything from the start and did everything he said he would. Hopefully I won’t need him again but if I do, I will definitely use him. I recommend him to anyone that needs an attorney.”

A Criminal Defense Client

“I went it to talk to Barry, real nice guy down to earth plus free to talk about case, gave me clear cut info about where case could go and my options. Gave me a great deal on the whole case and ended up reducing case from felony to petty misdemeanor with probation, which was better then what he promised he could do. Hands down best lawyer for a good price highly recommended to all others, and very likely to do business in the future!”

A Criminal Defense Client