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An Overview of Criminal Law

100 Percent Committed To Defending Your Rights & Your Liberty

Your freedom, financial future and personal as well as professional reputations are at risk of being taken away from you because of criminal charges! Therefore, the lawyer that you choose to handle your case is the single most important decision you will make.

Illinois based criminal defense attorney Barry Boches has devoted his legal practice to ensuring that people facing the potential threat of jail time and fines have access to the best legal representation available. For over 39 years, Barry has been providing strategic, result-oriented counsel to people facing legal consequences.

When facing criminal charges, it is imperative that a competent law firm is retained. My clients have the reassurance that I handle complex criminal law issues every single day and devote 100 percent to obtaining fair results for my clients.

Criminal statutes and penalties are constantly evolving. The programs designed to help first-time and low-risk offenders avoid a lifetime of devastating consequences from a criminal conviction are also changing. If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime in Illinois, then you want a lawyer who focuses exclusively on this area of the law!

Aggressive Defense Provided By A Competent Legal Advocate.

My firm handles a broad range of criminal defense matters. I represent people facing:

  • Petty theft offense
  • Armed robberies
  • Criminal damage to property
  • Domestic battery cases
  • Calculated criminal drug conspiracy
  • Drug cases
  • Sexual cases
  • Rapes
  • Murder

If you have made a mistake or if you have been falsely accused; you do not deserve to suffer the consequences of a criminal conviction.

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