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Are There Laws To Address Open Containers On The Street?

Some towns have laws against open containers on the street, some do not. It is important to know the laws in the specific places you visit because they vary greatly, and how they are prosecuted varies greatly as well. If you are approached by the police, it is important to cooperate without incriminating yourself. You have to give them your name and follow basic instructions.

How Are Minors Dealt With In Regards To Public Intoxication Or Open Container Charges?

Minors can be arrested, just like anyone else. A minor having any amount of alcohol is a class A misdemeanor. If you are driving in Illinois, even if you are not over the legal limit, they will give you a minor consumption ticket and they can immediately suspend your license. It is called Zero Tolerance. Once that ticket is on your record, your insurance is going to go up and you are going to be considered a high risk for the next 10 years.

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