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Can An Attorney Help Me In My Drug Case To Set Up A Deal With The Police?

Of course! I wouldn’t advise ever doing that without an attorney; the way these cops are, they will prey on your lack of knowledge of what’s going on so and tell you that you won’t need an attorney; that an attorney won’t look after your interests, he’ll just take your money. In some cases, they’ll tell you, if you call an attorney, the deal is off.

I’ve seen that hundreds of times, and when a client tells me that, I politely tell the police I know who they are, and to stop bullying tactics. We’ll talk to you some other time, but you don’t want to make a deal with the police to do anything without something in writing from the state. In one of the few federal cases I had, I was talking to a U.S. attorney and she is like, “Look, we’ll make you what’s called a proffer and if you are willing to provide information to us, we will not use any of that information against you and depending on how you cooperate, we may give you credit for the federal sentence down the line.”

There are federal guidelines that allow them to substantially reduce your sentence if you’ve been cooperative at different levels, but on the state level, you need something in black and white, because you can’t go on the police officer’s words. You are usually dealing with undercover agents who lie for a living; they don’t think twice about doing anything to justify the ends they are trying to accomplish and they don’t care about you or anyone else they run over on the way, as long as they get arrests, they get credit for it.

They don’t care about your safety, or if your family will be shot up by some gang member because his drug house was raided. You have to keep these considerations in mind; it’s a very deadly business. If you’ve ever seen the movie, “The Lawyer,” it’s a bit extreme, but it’s a perfect example. The guy decided to participate in a drug deal on the financial end and nothing else, and the drugs are stolen, so the cartel comes after him and his family, even though he had nothing to do with the drugs themselves. They don’t care, the drugs are gone and you’re paying the price; the drug business is a very deadly business.

How Do The Police Help You To Be A Better Defense Lawyer?

You learn to deal with the police. It’s always better to know both sides of a game, whatever you’re doing. If you know the ins and the outs from both sides; you know what it takes to get the warrants, how the charging process goes; what the police really want me to do for your cooperation; it’s really important to have that experience on both sides, so you know exactly what to expect.

A lot of this is localized, so I may be able to do a wonderful job for someone here, but not as well elsewhere, if I don’t know a specific prosecutor or his political stance, or I don’t know who to talk to, who not to talk to, or I don’t know which judge is the hanging judge and which judge is more lenient, I don’t know what I could plea.

That’s why a lot of this has to do with experience in the specific area you are in, so finding an attorney should look at drug familiarity, but also familiarity with police, prosecutors, so they know their tendencies and what will be most beneficial to their clients.

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