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Do Doctors Ever Prescribe Illegal Drugs As Medication?

I haven’t seen any doctors who have been arrested for illegally prescribing drugs, but they are all very aware of it now, since Michael Jackson’s doctor got in trouble for prescribing way too many drugs. If doctors are prescribing 200 hits of any kind of painkiller over a month, it’s obvious overuse and obvious negligence on their part and they could be criminally charged, but I really don’t see that here, and I’ve been doing this for 35 years.

Doctors don’t want to lose their license for giving someone too many painkillers, and the DEA actually monitors these things. If you go into Walgreens to get some Advil Cold and Sinus, you have to give your driver’s license and sign for it because some people melt them down and turn the decongestant into a drug. It’s insane but that’s the way it is.

Will the Parents Get in Trouble If the Kids are Found with Prescription Drugs?

The parents won’t get into trouble unless they admitted they gave them to the child, which is technically unlawful delivery of a controlled substance, although that’s something a good attorney can hopefully work out for you, since the statute was intended to stop the heroin dealer on the grade school parking lot. These delivery statutes are kind of screwy; if you get caught with two ounces of marijuana and you say you were going to split it with Timmy, you just admitted to a felony – intent to deliver.

Things can very serious very quickly. You could get in front of the wrong judge, for example; there are still some judges around here who take marijuana very seriously and treat it like it’s something much worse than it is. Back in my dad’s day, dope was dope and many statutes still read that way, and that’s how you have to deal with them or you’ll wind up behind bars.

Should People Ever Try to Talk Their Way Out of An Arrest?

Sometimes, people are scared, and they don’t know. They think they’re being cooperative with the police and they are going to give him a break, which doesn’t happen most of the time.

I had another case in which a guy was pulled over by MEG agents. He had a joint in the car, so when they said, “You are in some deep trouble; you better help us out with something,” He told them he don’t know anyone to turn in, but he showed them the joint and said it was his buddy’s. He also told them his friend gave him $300 to keep his toolbox at his house, which he thought was weird, but it was locked and he never looked in it.

Eventually, they go back to his house, where they open the toolbox to find a few ounces of cocaine in there. Now this guy, who had worked for the Public Works Department for 15 years and who only had a single joint a few minutes earlier – he wasn’t exactly Scarface – is now charged with a Class X felony, and it took a year to get the case dismissed. They didn’t care about him, they just wanted to squeeze him.

Obviously he didn’t know anymore; who in his right mind would admit to a class X felony because he got busted with a joint? If he was actually really a drug dealer, he would have known to keep his mouth shut. But they don’t care and this guy’s life really pretty much got ruined; he even lost his job.

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