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How Public is an Arrest?

An issue that people are always very concerned about is whether others will find out about their arrest and perhaps presume them guilty because they had to go to court. Reporters often keep their eye on arrest records, and arrest records are considered public information, so it is always a possibility that others will find out; anyone can publish anything they know.

I handled a murder case in which it was claimed that the prosecution had blood work from my client that absolutely put him at the scene of the crime, which was completely false, since they’d never even taken blood from my client. Since there are never any ramifications against the press for publishing something that is completely false, there is little that can be done about it. The golden rule is to say nothing and wait to speak to the attorney, because no one can talk their way out of trouble.

How Does Someone Know They Are Under Criminal Investigation Or Being Charged For A Crime?

Many people never know they’re being investigated; in some cases investigations can take decades and the people being investigated don’t know until the indictments come down, which means, if there are never any indictments or arrests, the subject may never actually know they were under investigation.

Regular people actually have a good idea that someone was investigating their behavior from the minute the police start talking to them and their friends, trying to gather evidence, so it is absolutely critical for them to not talk to the police, regardless of how innocent they think they are.

Why Should Someone Not Talk To The Police?

If police said they had 20 questions for my client, I, as their attorney, can screen the questions and explain how to answer them without incriminating the client, and give the best answers to police. Also, those answers can’t be used in court because the lawyer is giving the answers to the police and not the person. Statements made directly by the client are admissible, so saying nothing is always the best option. They should always let their attorney do the talking because information given via attorney can’t be used against them

The reason people should always want to remain silent is because they don’t always know which statements may be used against them, and because attorneys can shield you from making big mistakes with your case.

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