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Impact Of A Prior Arrest Or Conviction On An Out Of State Arrest

More than likely a prior arrest or conviction of an out of state arrest is going to affect how the prosecutor’s going to look at a case. A first time offender is going to be given more of a break than a multiple time offender. In some cases, it could even make current charges enhanced. For example, if you had a prior marijuana charge, for just a small amount and you get a second, it could enhance it to a felony.

Case Studies Of People Involved In Out Of State Arrests

Where I live, we are right on the Wisconsin and Illinois border. Let’s say someone went up to Wisconsin, committed a theft and got caught on video camera. The police got a warrant in Wisconsin. If they find out that the person lives in Illinois, they are going to send their charge down here and that’s going to get reissued as a fugitive from justice. It’s basically just saying, “Hey, we’ve got charges for you in another state and it’s a separate offense all by itself.”

Then the person will be picked up and they have to decide if you want to fight extradition or not.

If you fight extradition, you can make them prove that you are the one they are looking for. They have to come up with a signature from the governor, within 90 days but that whole 90 days you are just sitting there. So if you know it’s really you, you are really wasting your time. They are not going to get into a defense whether it was a good charge or a bad charge, if you’re wanted in another state, they are going to file that fugitive from justice charge and you’ll have to answer to it.

Can Something Minor Like A Traffic Ticket Be Enhanced If It Goes Unresolved?

If you don’t show up or take care of a traffic ticket, your driving privileges are going to be suspended in that state whether you are from there or not. Let’s say you are coming from Minnesota and you get a couple of traffic tickets, and you have a show up in court. They are going to give you an Illinois license number. Once you don’t show up, they are going to enter convictions without you being there. They are going to suspend your driving privileges for not coming, and then it’s just going to be sitting there. So when you do show up, you happen to be going through town 5 years later, they say, “There’s still a warrant for your arrest because you never showed up for these traffic tickets and you also have a suspended license charge now.”

Things can escalate and pile up quite a bit.

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