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Things To Know About With An Out Of State Arrest In Illinois

You have to be aware of what the repercussions are going to be in your own state if you are arrested in Illinois. For example, if you get a DUI, it may come back to your home state and cause your insurance to go up, or it’s going to cause you to lose points on your license. You have to be aware of those things.

Another example would be, Illinois has some stop light violation cameras where if you run a stop light and they catch you on the camera, the initial ticket is $100 but it doesn’t go against your driving record. However, if you get five of those tickets, then they will in turn send that to the Secretary of State and they will suspend your driving privileges. Even it originally isn’t something where they suspend you, all of a sudden it can. So you always want to know what affect those tickets in Illinois are going to have on your status where you reside.

Do Some People Ignore Out Of State Arrests Or Tickets?

There are a lot of people that just bury their heads in sand and don’t think an out of state ticket is a big deal and it won’t affect them. It comes back to haunt them, so they have got to be careful.

Potential Consequences Of Ignoring An Out Of State Arrest Or Ticket

Illinois will assign a number to you, so regardless of where you have a license, you will now have an Illinois record. Usually it’s the same number you have in the accompanying state but once you get too many tickets in Illinois, they are going to suspend your privileges to drive in the state even if Wisconsin doesn’t or another state does not. You have to be aware of both consequences, both in your home state and in Illinois because Illinois is going to keep track of their own record. Again, it can definitely come back to haunt you.

Top Mistakes That People Make After Being Arrested Out Of State

You can’t just bury your head in the sand and say, “It’s going to go away.”

I hear people say, “After 7 years, it drops off your record.”

The truth is, no it doesn’t. Arrests and tickets never drop off your record unless you do something about them. You want to stand up, face the music and hire a good attorney if you need one. Take care of business because otherwise, it’s going to turn into a bigger nightmare down the line. That’s probably the biggest problem.

Returning To Take Care of Business

Sometimes it can be difficult for someone to return to Illinois to take care of the ticket. For some small type of tickets or offenses, if they are not jail-able offenses, usually that can be done as an authorization to appear. The attorney can then go on behalf of his client and plead guilty even in the court supervision as long as if it’s not a full criminal offense. If it’s a full criminal offense, you would have to be here for that. Otherwise, it’s a nice option that Attorney Boches has done for people. He has had people as far as Texas and South Carolina and California as clients. They get a ticket and they go back home and don’t want to return for something like a speeding ticket so Attorney Boches can take care of those for them.

Does Someone Have To Make Multiple Appearances For An Out Of State Arrest?

It depends on the case. A DUI is never just a one appearance. In a DUI, it’s going to be at least 2 or 3 times that someone is required to appear. The courts will want you to file an appearance, get the discovery, get your alcohol evaluation and then come back to negotiate a plea or if you want a trial, it’s going to be even more. That’s an issue for someone from out of state, but not an excuse not to take care of it.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hiring A Local Attorney For An Out Of State Arrest

If an attorney is not licensed in Illinois, you cannot hire someone from another state. You definitely want to be represented by local counsel. You need someone who knows the judges and the prosecutors. They need to know what you can do and what you can’t do and they can’t go in blind.

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