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What Are The Circumstances Pertaining To An Arrest In A Drug Case?

Often people are just stupid, and carry stuff in their pockets or their wallet while driving. You shouldn’t do drugs at all, but you should never drive around with them because people get pulled over for everything these days. Every officer in the world is looking for someone that might be DUI, and they’ll look for any little offense as an excuse to pull you over.

When they come up your window, they are looking for the telltale signs of a DUI, like red eyes or the smell of alcohol or marijuana; an incredible number of cases come out of traffic stops.

When it comes to bigger amounts and deliveries, usually that comes from a warrant they got after someone was squeezed and turned on the person who’s supplying them. They’ll go to a judge, present testimony, if they’ve been in that persons’ house within the last 72 hours, and the judge will issue a warrant.

Will Police Charge Everyone in a Car if Drugs Are Discovered?

Quite often, if no one confesses to owning the drugs, they’ll usually charge everyone, in the hopes of getting someone to tell them whose it was. They play one person against the other, by putting people in different rooms and even lying to them, telling them someone else gave them up, in order to get someone to tell them what they want to hear.

Eventually, someone will confess to being somewhat accountable, or that they were at least there, and the fact that the police lied doesn’t matter; the courts don’t care. Police can lie to you however they wish, which is really frustrating because we all know police aren’t always honest. If they decide who to stick it on, that’s who they stick it on; that’s why you need a good attorney to fight those things.

How Are Prescription Drugs Handled?

All prescription drugs are controlled substances, so I see these quite often as well. For example a kid will take one of their parents’ Xanax or Viagra and that’s a problem; anything you need a prescription for is on a Controlled Substances Act schedule, which means every one is a felony, even if there was only one Viagra, one Xanax, one Quaalude, one Tylenol with Codeine #3; even if your mom gave you one of those for a toothache, technically that’s a felony.

I know you can buy some of these readily on the internet from a foreign country, but you still need a prescription for it, or it’s a felony.

What Are the Circumstances With Prescription Drugs Where People Get in Trouble?

I have handled cases in which people were charged with unlawful acquisition of a controlled substance. In some cases, someone may be hooked on painkillers and they’ll steal a doctor’s prescription pad and try to fill their own prescription for a couple hundred hits of Tylenol #3 with Codeine or Norco. OxyContin is very popular because it’s very strong and is sometimes used as a heroin substitute.

Do People Generally Sell Prescription Pills Illegally?

Sometimes they do. I’ve had people who were busted in a high school if they were to get these or Timmy was selling them, so police bust Timmy and he confesses, “Yes, I got my parents’ pills and I was selling them.”

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