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What Differentiates You From Other Attorneys Who Handle Drug Cases?

My level of experience is priceless; after 35 years of practice, I’ve seen and done it all I know the tendencies of all of these people and I know what they want in order to give us a break, so I can give them good advice even at the very beginning of the decision-making process.

I had a kid who was recently arrested by police, who noted that they had him on a delivery of a $20 bag to a friend, but they had no warrant and they wanted him to work with them, by having him set someone else up, and giving him specific instructions as to what they wanted him to do. They told him, if he didn’t help them he would go to jail and other things.

The kid called me and told me he was scared to death, that he didn’t know what to do and he told me what he did. I know from experience that for this amount, even with the delivery, if they have the evidence they say they do, it would be a class 2 felony but 9 times out of 10, I’ll get that reduced and get this person a special first offender’s probation.

This is just some kid sending a $20 bag to his buddy. I can tell the kid with great confidence to politely tell the police that his attorney said to do nothing further and if they have any questions, they should call me directly. All these guys know me; I’ve been doing drug work for a long time, I’m a straight shooter, I don’t pull any slippery, sneaky stuff.

If it goes to a trial, I’ll put on the gloves like anybody else, but there is no sense having a kid go out there and risk his life and his family’s health to set up someone who may turn out to be a big gang member or someone like that. It’s not necessary.

That’s where my experience comes in; I can tell him with confidence that we’re going to resolve his case, get him out of this without any jail time, and that he probably won’t have any record whatsoever.

Therefore, don’t make things worse; just stop talking, tell them politely to give me a call; they all know me. The case will get better.

How Does Familiarity With Courts, Judges And Prosecutors Help You?

Being familiar with the courts is a tremendous advantage because I’m someone they’ve been dealing with for 25 years; I will tell them, “This is a good kid, and I need this case reduced to a probationable case,” I’ll present with mitigation, and they will more than likely say, “Okay, Barry, I’ll do this for you.”

On the other hand, if you have a public defender who has irritated them by going to trial in every case because they’ve got nothing to lose and they’re not getting paid, they won’t give them the same deal that I’ll get. Fair or not, that’s the way it is; if you have a wonderful working relationship with someone, things go easier and smoother within the parameters of what you know is reasonable.

You won’t get a murder down to disorderly conduct but you could very well get a class X felony down to a probationable case; I do that all the time, because I know what’s possible, and I can usually give them the mitigation they want, so they can justify it to their superiors. It’s like the old saying, it’s not what you know; it’s who you know.

You have to know when to play your cards; you have to know which judge is going to fall and what other judge is truly going to consider it and give you a break. That’s why the experience is absolutely priceless; a kid right out of law school has the same degree, but he won’t know how to handle the case in a way that gets the job done.

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