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What Happens When Someone Is Caught With 10 Grams Or More Of Marijuana?

For anyone found to be in possession of 10-30 grams or more of marijuana that remains a Class A misdemeanor, with up to a year in jail and/or a $2,500 fine. Attorney Barry Boches believes the reasoning behind the cutoff being 10 grams or more, is that the assumption is most likely that 10 grams is more likely for personal use versus selling and distribution.

Will Police Officers Be Testing For THC Levels In DUI Scenarios?

The new law also resets the parameters surrounding what impairment to drive from marijuana is. It used to be where someone could be charged with a DUI with any trace amount of the drug in his or her system. The new law set that standard at 5 nanograms of THC in a driver’s blood within two hours of consumption.

Therefore, yes, police officers will still be testing for THC levels in blood when it comes to a DUI scenario. However, there still must be probable cause in order to do a blood test. Attorney Boches looks forward to seeing how, if at all, the laws change further when it comes to finding probable cause when it comes to marijuana DUI cases. It is not the same as when someone is under the influence of alcohol.

There are a lot of things an attorney can chip away at when it comes to the case the prosecution is they’re trying to build a case on. This is why Attorney Boches, especially in alcohol DUI cases, always tells people not to take the test if he or she is in doubt. He urges anyone in this situation to stop talking and stop giving them ammunition to build a case. It is all very new ground for everybody.

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