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What Should Someone Do If They Are Facing A Marijuana Related Arrest?

If someone is now facing a marijuana related arrest in the state of Illinois, he or she should ensure the attorney they choose to hire, is aware of these new laws. A lot of people, including lawyers, just aren’t aware that this has changed. The prosecutor certainly isn’t going to come running and tell someone they now have a better case than they would have a month ago.

If someone has a marijuana case pending for a DUI the least that should be done is to have the blood results sent off again and retested. Under the old archaic laws, if the person smoked marijuana a few weeks ago he or she would be considered impaired. Now under the new laws, there could be a chance that the individual won’t face DUI charges.

How Does Someone With An Ongoing Marijuana Case Take Advantage Of These New Laws?

Someone who has an ongoing DUI Marijuana case needs to speak with an attorney immediately and request his or her blood be retested to see if, with the new law, the THC levels were still over the legal limit.

Attorney Barry Boches thinks the new change to the marijuana DUI laws is going to certainly cause some cause and confusion because there is an additional charge under Illinois law for being under the influence of alcohol and any combination of other drugs.

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