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Will There Be A Decrease In The Number Of Arrests In Illinois?

Attorney Barry Boches suspects there will be a drop in the number of marijuana related arrests in Illinois. Previously with marijuana DUI, they wouldn’t even send the suspension off to the Secretary of State because if the person refused the breath or blood tests or if they hadn’t gotten the results back from the lab yet, they were in no position to immediately issue a notice of suspension that is forthcoming based on those results.

Therefore, in a lot of these cases, the police and prosecutors are going to be put in limbo and they may very well say, “We’ll keep in touch and four months from now when the blood results come back one way or the other, then we will tell you if you’re getting issued a DUI ticket,” which could very well result in fewer DUI tickets issued.

Things are changing and it is all going to be very interesting to see how it affects everyone, especially those with current charges pending.

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