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Would You Be Personally Working On My Case If I Hire Your Firm?

I am the only attorney in my firm, even though it is called Barry Boches & Associates. My associates are colleagues who handle other counties and areas of the law that I don’t practice, like family law. I handle all criminal and traffic offenses.

How Often Do You Meet With Clients During The Course Of A Case?

If, for example, we get police reports and discovery on a case, we’ve done all our investigation, and we’ve sat down and talked about the case, then we are probably not going to meet up again until it gets close to trial if it goes there. I usually do not meet with clients once we have gone over the discovery together unless something new comes up. I am happy to talk with them if something changes or they have a question about the case.

How Do You Typically Charge For Criminal Cases? Is That A Flat Fee or an Hourly Rate?

We charge a flat fee. It is important for people to know, in advance, how much they are paying. We have very flexible payment schedules, and I never ask for all of the fee upfront. I usually ask for half and then tell them to pay whatever they can, whenever they can.

Are There Any Unforeseen Costs That Can Come Up In Criminal Cases?

There are unforeseen costs that can come up in criminal cases. There may be depositions or expert witnesses. I always warn my clients ahead of time if I expect any extra costs to come up so that they aren’t hit with sudden, unexpected fees.

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