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Drunk Driving: Myths You Need To Know About

Believe it or not, many people continue to drink and drive because they have bought into the many myths that surround drunk driving. These myths have been passed on from generation to generation, and it’s frustrating that people still actually take them as fact. More often than not, they only realize the following are myths when they’ve finally been charged with DUI and have to get the services of a versatile DUI lawyer to get them out of trouble.

Myth#1:  You can beat a breathalyzer by sucking on a penny.

Fact: This is one of the most ridiculous drunk driving myths out there. A little copper in your mouth won’t stop a breathalyzer from doing its job properly because the air it tests comes from deep within your lungs. There’s a reason the police officer always says something along the lines of “blow hard” when administering a breathalyzer test.

Myth#2: You can refuse a breathalyzer test without consequences.

Fact: Sure, it is well within your rights to refuse a breathalyzer test, but expect more serious consequences when you do. States, after all, have Implied Consent laws that say that the moment you acquired a driver’s license there, you have agreed to breath, blood, or urine tests if suspected of drunk driving

Myth#3: A BAC of below .08 means you can’t be charged with a DUI.

Fact: Some states still charge people with a DUI if the blood alcohol content is somewhere between .06 and .08.

Myth#4: A drunk driving conviction only means paying a fine.

Fact: On top of a fine, you may also be made to pay court fees and driver’s license reinstatement fees. If a judge orders you to install an ignition interlock, you’ll have to pay for the device and its monthly upkeep, too.

Myth #5: I only drink beer and not the hard stuff, so I’ll be okay to drive.

Fact: A 12 oz beer contains as much alcohol as an ounce and a half of whiskey. Drink more of it, and you’d be even drunker than if you downed only a shot or two of the harder stuff.

Myth #5: Driving slow while intoxicated is okay.

Fact: It is never okay to drink and drive at any speed. Even if you drive slow, alcohol will still affect your reflexes. You could fall into a ditch or fail to notice an oncoming vehicle or a crossing pedestrian.

Myth #6: Taking the back roads helps you avoid the police.

Fact: This may have worked back in the day, but police officers these days are already wise to these tricks. If you’re drunk and you drive through back roads, you will probably get caught because authorities have likely increased their patrols in such areas.

Myth #7: Drunk driving is just an accident.

Fact: Drunk driving is never an accident, because it is totally avoidable. We live in a time when we can easily get an Uber, so if you still drink and drive and get into trouble, it is something you did on purpose. It is a conscious choice, and the consequences that come with whatever happens next are your responsibility.

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