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Is It Advisable To Hire An Attorney Prior To Arrest In All Cases or Just Major Cases, Such As A Sex Crimes Case?

If you do know there are some problems coming, it will be very wise to have an attorney on a retainer prior to any arrest. Everyone has a different definition of a major case; just something as simple as DUI or an accident may have big consequences. If you have an attorney on retainer, he can immediately be at a bond hearing.

It is not necessarily advisable to hire an attorney prior to arrest in all cases. Not everyone has to have an attorney on retainer. Not everyone can afford it and not everyone needs one. However, if there are some things in your past that might come back to haunt you a little bit then it does not hurt to have someone on retainer.

How Would You Advise A Client That Delays Hiring An Attorney For Fear Of Looking Guilty?

Hiring an attorney does not make you look guilty. It makes you look intelligent because no one should be representing themselves. There is too much emotion on the line. You do not always see things clearly. Most people are not attorneys so they do not know the little legal nuances and little things that can get you in trouble; if you are not an attorney, you do not know. You are not going to go wrong having an attorney even if you just have them on call so you can hire them quickly. You have a right to have an attorney. You want to be defended. You do not want to be accused of stuff you did not do.

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