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FAQs About Driver License Suspensions And BAID Devices In Illinois

If Your Driver’s License Is Suspended In Illinois, Can You Still Drive With The Interlock Ignition Device?

When you get a suspension in Illinois and it’s either your first one or you haven’t had one within the last five years, you qualify for the Statutory First Offender program. The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will send you the notification of the ignition interlock device, along with the notice that your suspension is coming. The judge doesn’t have any say-so in this matter as the notification automatically comes from the Department of Motor Vehicles or Secretary of State. They will send you out that notice about the ignition interlock device, which is called a BAID device.

Once the device is properly installed in your vehicle and has been activated, you are good to drive 24×7, as long as you are the operator of the motor vehicle in question and have an otherwise valid license. This is an improvement over a few years ago when you could only drive 40 hours a week that you had to select, which made things very difficult for people to work. You also had no time to go to the grocery store, the movies or anywhere else.

How Much Does A BAID Device Cost In Illinois And How Long Does It Last?

In Illinois, the BAID device will cost you $110 per month to have in your car, which includes a monthly $30 administrative fee that must be paid upfront. For example, if you get a six-month suspension, you must send the DMV a check for $660, which will allow you to have the device installed.

Up until this year, there was a 30-day downtime, known as a hard suspension, where there was no permit or BAID device, so you couldn’t drive at all. Now there is a 46-day time period after an arrest, where the license is still valid; then your suspension would start for six months.

What Are The Consequences Of A License Suspension For Truck Drivers?

The Illinois State Legislature allows commercial vehicle operators to pay an extra month and drive from the initial day of the suspension, which still doesn’t kick in for 46 days after the arrest. There is even the possibility of contesting the arrest to see if there was actually a basis for the suspension. You will, of course, have to pay the $660 for 12 months upfront; and once you’ve made the payment, you will be directed where to go locally to get the device installed, which usually runs between $150 to $200, depending on the type of vehicle. Of course, this applies to your personal vehicle and not your employer’s, unless he chooses to “opt-out.”

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