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Frequently Asked Questions About The Ignition Interlock Device

How Does The Ignition Interlock Device Work?

Once the ignition interlock device is installed, in order for you to operate your vehicle, you have to blow into the machine before you start it up. In Illinois, most of the devices take a picture of the person trying to start up the car, and on a lot of them, you have to use your thumbprint just like you do on an iPhone. So if you want the device to work, you have to clearly identify that it’s you and not your friend blowing for you because in the past, people would have their friends blow in the machine, and then the individual with the violation would drive. If you do that now, it’s a class IV felony, which means up to three years in prison for both the owner of the vehicle and the person blowing into the device.

In order for the ignition interlock device to work and for your car to move anywhere, you have to blow into the machine and identify yourself with either a thumbprint or a photo. Once you are driving, the device can randomly go off and ask for an assessment of your ability to drive. So you will have to pull over within 20 minutes and start it all over again. For extended distances, it may not be triggered for a couple of hours.

What Are Some Things To Be Aware Of When Using An Ignition Interlock Device?

You should be aware that if you have any trace of alcohol in your system and you blow into the device, it will send a report back to Springfield. There’s zero tolerance. For example, if you had a few drinks at home the night before, the device may still detect alcohol in your system when you blow into it the next day. If it does, the machine is going to register that, and the car will not start until you are clear. The DMV will let you get away with one or two of those errors, but more than and your device will be recalled. You are then entitled to a hearing to see if there is a legitimate reason for these violations; however, they generally end up with the DMV yanking the device until the suspension is over. If you want to drive in Illinois with an interlock ignition device, you have to drive completely sober, not 90% sober, which is the limit for a DUI conviction of 0.08. That’s the way it is with machines.

These ignition interlock devices are also available in Wisconsin; so if you get a summary suspension in Illinois with a Wisconsin license, you have the option of getting one of these devices installed. The machine still costs between $150 and $250 to get installed, and it costs about the same amount to remove it when the summary suspension period is over.

Again, the devices are fairly simple, but the most important thing to remember is you can’t drive with any alcohol on your breath. Let’s say you decide to use some Listerine right before you jump in the car because that’s what you do every morning before you go to work. Well, guess what: Listerine’s got alcohol in it and is going to affect your breathalyzer. It’s going to shut down your machine; and if you keep using that Listerine, you’re not going to be driving. Those are things people have to be aware of.

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