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How Often Should Someone Meet With An Attorney?

I can’t really give you any specifics because, again, it depends. If it’s a case where you’re going to have a preliminary hearing in two weeks, you better get in and talk to your attorney right away. If it’s a case with a speeding ticket and it’s not up for eight weeks, it doesn’t matter. You’re not going to change the facts when it comes to a speeding ticket; you’re not going to perform an investigation and find witnesses, so some things are important while others aren’t. It very much depends on the individual case.

How Can I Discover If A Friend Or Family Member Has Been Arrested?

If you know which police department it is, then you can call them and say, “Look, is she in custody there or did you take her down to the county for a bond hearing somewhere else?” There is an Android app called Inmate Finder where you can find out right away if someone’s been taken into custody and being held for a bond hearing. Every county and state is different, but there are apps available. So if you have an idea of which police department arrested them, you can narrow it down, but it just depends on what really happened in that case.

How Can I Find A Competent Attorney? Can An Attorney Be Changed Once They Are Retained?

Yes, that happens quite frequently because a lot of times, someone will have an attorney who is a friend of the family, but he may be an immigration, bankruptcy or a family law attorney and won’t know beans about a DUI or a drug case, so just the fact that someone is an attorney and has a license doesn’t mean that he specializes in the area that you need help with. So the first thing you need to do is find someone you trust that’s a good attorney in the area that you need help with. It doesn’t do any good, if you have a family lawyer, when you’re looking at a mandatory prison drug case because he won’t know what to do. So that’s the hardest part.

I have people who get in trouble all the time: they find someone they trust (or don’t) and stick with that person, but for others, it’s very difficult because there are so many, supposedly qualified attorneys out there. “Our firm will fight hard for you” — every attorney in the world uses those same catch phrases, and finding one that’s for real and backs up what they say is very difficult.

It would be nice if you knew people and kept them in your contacts for if you ever have questions on a criminal case or family law. You want to try and do the preemptive thing and have someone that you know you can call that will at least steer you in the right direction. That’s the hardest part. Let’s say you’re in a foreign country or out of state and don’t know anybody: how do you find a good attorney? The best attorney isn’t going to spend all of his money on advertising; that just gives you the most expensive attorney.

Helpful Tips For People After An Arrest In Illinois

You can expect to get inundated with a lot of people that are just trying to solicit your business, so I’d be wary of that. Try and sift through the best you can but again, try to find someone you trust who at least points you in the right direction because you’re going to get barraged with people trying to get your business and you have no idea if they have your best interest at heart or they just want your money. So try and have someone that you know you can call that at least points you in the right direction. That’s the only thing I can tell you: go from there and try to find an attorney you can work with, that you can afford and who is good. That’s the holy grail if you can make that happen.

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