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Other Questions Asked In DUI Cases

Do All Police Vehicles In Illinois And Wisconsin Have Dash Cams?

No. The less financed, small town police departments often do not. It depends on what kind of budget they have but they are certainly leaning in that way. Moreover, everybody wants them because everybody wants to know what happened with an unbiased opinion. It is just a matter of whether the towns can afford them but around eighty-five percent of the cars have cameras on them. That is nice because when they flip on the camera, it is like a running DVR. It actually backtracks about two minutes before they flipped on the camera and recorded it. This way you will get to see whatever the officer was claiming was his probable cause to begin with. Taking the example of the guy who did not put his lights on till they pulled him over, but the camera started out minutes beforehand. They saw the guy coming in his direction, he flips his car around and he is following them and the camera is turned on. The camera caught it all and very lucky for that guy it did because otherwise, the officer’s opinion surely sounded a whole lot worse than it actually was.

Is There A Difference Between An Attorney Just Representing The Client And Actually Defending?

Yes. A lot of times, it is very cut-and-dry; there is not much to do. When a guy comes in, blew at fifteen, he has had six beers over two hours, no problem with the cop who knows he went off the road. You are going to go in and you are going to plead them on and going to almost have them fast. However, there are a lot of people who are just doing volume. They do not try to look at your case carefully, they do not really have the experience to analyze every little intricacy or be caught up with the technicalities that can change day to day.

Then there are some attorneys that are just factories. They just push them in, push them out and you do not get any individual attention. Then there are attorneys who have never done a trial but they do hundreds of DUI every year. They believe it is not worth going to trial. Some attorneys really are not comfortable doing trials. That is why you want to find someone who is experienced and is comfortable doing what they do. Their experience shows, the judge will know, the jury will know, everybody knows if the person’s got a real firm grasp of what he is doing and how he is trying to represent his client as compared to someone who is just stumbling and fumbling through it. You are getting tossed around a lot by the state, does not know how far they can push things. You have all these things, so there is no substitute for experience and someone who has had some decent trial common sense.

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