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Should Someone Choose The Cheapest Attorney For Their DUI?

The person would be silly to want to pay money and get it over with even if they thought they had a very simple case because every case would be different.

For example, on a DUI case, the person may be asleep at a parking lot when the officer came up and knocked on the window. They may have been drinking, but they decided to sleep it off at the parking lot rather than driving.

If the person went to an attorney who did not really know what he was doing or if it was one of the attorneys who charge $250 for one court appearance, they would go ahead without telling the client what their plan was and charge them more than I would have. The person would generally not realize that for summary suspension or immediate suspension from the secretary of state, they need to be caught driving on a public highway.

Even though the DUI case might stick to a parking lot, the summary suspension part would not.

Someone who went to an attorney would basically be saying they did not want to take any chance; they came to beat this case or better their case or get rid of the suspension because that was the only thing the insurance company would see.

It would always be important for the person to try and make an informed decision regarding who should represent them. I always recommend anybody who comes to see me to go talk to other people because I want them to be familiar with what is going on. I want them to understand I have the base knowledge and that I can answer all their questions. An attorney who knew what they were doing would be able to show their client they were the best thing for the case, and that they would take care of it.

If the person got an attorney who just pleaded out cases and who handled 20 cases a day and who just gave everyone court supervision, then yes, they would be able to find someone who was cheaper than the others, but they would never get a break. The person would just end up taking the default penalties, so they would be put on a certain period of whatever, they would have to pay a certain amount of fine, and they would have to do a school. If this was what the person wanted to do then there would be no sense in spending 10 times as much for some high priced attorney who would ultimately do the same job.

If the person thought they had some minor issues in their case that might help them, they should talk to a few attorneys to see if any of them pointed out those issues.

Attorneys who handle wholesale cases do not have the time or take the time and they may not even have the knowledge regarding what it would take to beat a case or to beat something like a marijuana case where the person admitted he smoked in the car, reeked and they found pot in the car, but there was no pot in his bloodstream because he did not take the test.

Some fly-by-night attorney would not know what to do with that, and they would not know how to do it. They would just plead out and tell their client to better do this or better do that and they would keep trying to scare their client. I see this happen all the time, which is why the person should always want to have an attorney who had a good bank of knowledge, so the client knew that all of their possible defenses had been explored.

The person would not want to spend 10 times as much for a simple cut and dry case, which would end up in the same result, so it is kind of a double-edged answer.

Why Do These Cases Need A Specialist Lawyer Instead Of A Criminal Defense Lawyer?

An attorney who did not understand what they were dealing with, would not be able to give their client an effective defense. Let us suppose an officer smelled cannabis. The person might have told the officer they had smoked some, but the officer did not take any test to prove it was actually in the person’s system.

Some tests are specific to cannabis, like the Romberg test and the Vertical Nystagmus test. Most officers have been trained on this, but these cases are so infrequent that this is usually something an attorney can trip the officer up on if the attorney knew what they were doing.

The attorney would have to know what these tests are and they would have to be experienced to know about it. Furthermore, they would sometimes have to inform the judge about these things because they generally do not deal with these tests very often.

A newer judge might have no idea there were different tests for specific drugs than there are for alcohol. This is where an experienced attorney who knew the difference would be able to point that out to the judge and convince them that the state’s case was lacking and that they did not have the proofs to be able to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt.

Difference Between Attorneys Who Plead Out And Who Fight

The client would really need to find someone who knew the difference because some attorneys do not. Some attorneys always just plead their client guilty because that does not take any effort at all. The attorney would fill out the paperwork, plead their client guilty, receive their money, and then never see them again.

I try and get charges reduced to reckless driving, especially for people who have a prior case or who want to keep their license. This is obviously very helpful for these people because they would be able to keep driving because in this day and age not many people would be able to go out without a car.

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