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What Are Some Of The Ways A DUI Conviction Can Affect Your Life?

Someone’s Ability To Travel To Canada Can Be Affected By A DUI Conviction

If you have a DUI conviction on your record, they will not let you in to Canada. They will stop you at the border and can also impose a fine. Even for someone who had a DUI 20 years ago, they may impose a $500 penalty or fee just to get into the country. In most cases, if you have had a DUI conviction, they won’t let you in. Period.

Anywhere you go internationally, at least in the other countries; you can get an international driver’s license. However, that’s always premised on the fact that you have a valid license in your own state or country. So, if you’re not valid somewhere, don’t think some other country is going to allow you to drive in their country.

Other Security Clearances That Could Be Affected By A DUI Conviction On Your Record

Security clearances usually involve government or it could be some high profile companies that have security issues. That’s all administratively functioning between the individual countries or the individual companies, so one cannot talk about the specific effects. Obviously, though it is not going to be smiled upon.

If anyone sees a DUI conviction, they will look at you as a liability. There are so many people in the workforce looking for a job. So if they have a choice between choosing someone with no DUI versus someone who has a DUI on his or her record, you’re probably not going to get the job.

A DUI Conviction Might Have An Effect On A Divorce Or Custody Situation

The effects of a DUI conviction on a divorce or child custody case can be better explained by someone who is a family law expert. Clearly, if a judge is looking at giving you custody of your kids or visitation with your kids, they are always going to be looking after the welfare of the children. If it looks like you are dangerous because you have got a drinking problem that could absolutely severely curtail your visitation, or your ability to pick them up. Even though you have a license now someone can say they have legitimate concerns. It certainly would not be in your favor to have a DUI conviction; it would absolutely affect you adversely.

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