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What Are Some Other Consequences Of A DUI Conviction In Illinois?

Other Extreme Consequences Of A DUI In Illinois

There are certain circumstances where if you cause personal injury or blow a very high BAC the judge may think you are a threat to the public. He could then refuse to give you court supervision even if you negotiated that with the State. So even though you will not be convicted on a first time DUI offense, there will still be collateral consequences. When the public, including the insurance company, can see that you were arrested for an alcohol based suspension, then you can bet the insurance company is either going to drop you completely, or they are going to put you into higher risk category and thus, raise your rates dramatically. That could affect you for the rest of your life. There are extreme consequences to a DUI conviction, especially if it is a second offense, as you will then be facing an actual conviction. Not only will the suspension be longer, but if it’s a second refusal within five years in Illinois, there is a three-year suspension with no driving permit.

In Illinois, all DUI offenders are required to have an interlock ignition device installed in their car in order to have driving privileges restored during suspension or revocation. These can be very costly at $110 a month but it will at least allow you to drive during that period.

The only time Illinois has a license revoked from a DUI is if you did something really wrong or it’s your second DUI. If you live on the border of Illinois and Wisconsin, there can be some catch-22 harsh penalties. They are going to say, “Okay. You’re revoked. You’re not driving on our streets for at least one year.”

After that year, then you can apply to get your license back but it is by no means automatic. You would have to go through a full, formal, administrative hearing at the Secretary of State’s office; they are not fun people to deal with. They do not give back licenses readily.

Therefore, you want to avoid this at all cost but it’s very unfair because if you are an Illinois driver, on your first DUI you can say, “Okay. I can live with this. I can get this breath device put in the car.” However, you can’t do that is you get a DUI across the border. Illinois is going to say, “Look. We don’t care how you manage this. You are revoked instead of suspended but in our eyes being revoked is so heinous, you’re not getting a permit to drive in this state until you have gone through a full year. After that you can have a full formal administrative hearing.”

They may give it back to you after getting a breath device put in but they will never give you a full license back right away. So as you can see, there are many collateral consequences of a DUI conviction in Illinois.

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