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What Are The Consequences Of A Felony DUI Or Aggravated DUI?

Illinois Has Felony DUI Which Is Like An Aggravated DUI

There are a lot of ways you can get a felony DUI. One way can be if you have multiple prior DUIs. It depends on how many you have as to how serious it gets but the more you have, you can get to the point where the DUIs are non-probation-able.

If you have five or six priors and you are convicted of an Aggravated DUI when you go to trial, you could be looking at Class X felony; meaning six to 30 years in prison with no possibility of probation whatsoever.

When you receive your first DUI in Illinois, you just get court supervision. They also give you the suspension. Let’s say when you got to the end of that suspension, you had to pay a $250 reinstatement fee. If you don’t pay the reinstatement fee and the DUI is three to four years old, you still have your license suspended for driving under the influence. If you were to happen to pick up another one while you are still suspended, even if it’s just for not paying the reinstatement fee, it’s a felony.

If they get a DUI while the suspension is still in effect; that’s an automatic felony. It’s not mandatory prison in that instance, but the penalties are enhanced. Even the lowest class felony in Illinois carries one to three years in prison, although it is probation-able. Usually, if you get a number of DUIs, you will also have a number of driving while license revoked charges as well. Those are other ways to get you a felony status that you don’t want and depending on the number of revocations you get, you end up having mandatory prison sentences just on Driving While License Revoked, along with DUI.

With A Felony On Your Record, You’re Looking At A Pool Of Other Consequences

In Wisconsin, if you have a felony conviction you will lose your voting privileges and your right to have a gun. So, obviously, you want to avoid a felony at all cost.

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