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What Are The Effects Of A DUI Conviction On Certain Professions?

Professions That Would Be Affected By Having A DUI Conviction On Your Record

If you are a commercial driver, and you get a DUI, you are out of work. There are other companies as well that absolutely say, “Look, you’ve got a DUI and driving has nothing to do with your job but it’s our standard in our company that we don’t hire people that have DUIs in their past.” You’re always hired at the whim of your employer.

You don’t have recourse unless you are in a union, which very few people are these days. You don’t want to give anybody a reason to think negatively about you or your employment status. That certainly isn’t going to help. It is frowned upon by everyone; It’s not unusual for people to have a DUI, but it absolutely is going to negatively affect you and your license.

Professional Licenses Such As A Medical License Or Nursing License That Can Be Affected By A DUI Conviction

There are certain professional licenses that are affected by a DUI conviction, such as attorneys and doctors. DUIs are always in the forefront of public opinion. No one is going to look the other way. They are in the position now where they have to report to stockholders or someone else. It’s just much easier for them to not deal with someone who has issues in the past, such as a DUI conviction.

In Illinois, a DUI is a Class A Misdemeanor. You could get up to a year in jail and a $2,500 fine. It’s definitely a crime and you would never be able to put that down on any type of application. They will ask “Have you been convicted of a criminal offense?” Technically, you have not been convicted if you got the court supervision the first time but you are drawing a very fine line that employers might say, “Well, call it what you want. You’ve still got a wet reckless which you pled guilty to it.”

In Wisconsin, a first DUI is civil unless you cause personal injury. You might not have a criminal offense but if you have any prior court supervision in Illinois, even though it wasn’t a conviction, Wisconsin is going to treat it like it’s a prior conviction.

Causing personal injury would also trigger heavier penalties. It turns into a criminal offense in Wisconsin with heavier penalties on fines, court-PASS, amount of jail, and other penalties. Wisconsin has a grid, which are the guidelines. Those absolutely go up if you have got priors whether it’s a violation or a conviction.

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