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What Issues Exist Involving Use Of Marijuana?

A problem that is very prevalent these days is that marijuana use has become quite prevalent in our country, in the form of medical marijuana and everything else.

How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Someone’s System?

The problem is that it stays in the person’s system for at least 28 days. If someone smoked 3 weeks ago but had not smoked since and then got pulled over with their eyes bloodshot because they had an allergy or something, then if the officer asked the person to take a test, it would come up positive and that would be an automatic DUI. It would not matter if it was 3 weeks ago because that is just the way the laws are written right now, although they are trying to change it. They are trying to pass some laws in Springfield to adjust that because it is not that way in other states and it should not be. There should be a certain level at which a person should be declared impaired from the psychotropic effect of marijuana. Certainly anybody who smoked in their life would know that if they smoked 3 weeks ago, they were certainly not feeling it today in any way, shape or form. The person would still get a DUI and it would be automatic, so there would be no room for asking whether the person was impaired. If it was found in the person’s system in the blood draw, they would be charged as being DUI, end of story.

It is an asinine law because if charged with a marijuana-related DUI, the person would receive a suspension and they would put a breath machine in the car. The breath machine would not detect marijuana, but they would give someone a suspension for a marijuana DUI and put in a breath machine which would not make much sense.

Will The Laws Concerning Marijuana Change In Illinois?

We hope they will, but they have not yet. Illinois is one of the slowest moving states ever to even have medical marijuana. They just approved that last year, and the standards for getting it in Illinois are ridiculous. The person would have to have a missing limb or cancer, or a really horrible disease. A person would not be able to just get it like in most states where they could get it for back pain or something else. Another way to get it would be to pay $300 so the Doctor would give them a medical marijuana card. In Illinois, the person would have to have some really debilitating reason to get marijuana. This would probably change too eventually, but that is not the way it is now, so we need to deal with the way the law is, not how we would like it to be.

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