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What Long-Term Collateral Consequences Will A DUI Conviction Have On Your Life?

A DUI Conviction Can Have Long-Term Collateral Consequences On Your Life

Many people are confused by what a first-time DUI is going to do to them because in Illinois, it does not result in a conviction on a first-time offense. Ninety percent of the time you get what’s called “court supervision”. Court supervision is similar to a deferred prosecution where you are going to have to do an alcohol and drug evaluation, followed by counseling. You will also have to pay a fine.

Once you have completed your classes and have paid your fines, you then won’t be rearrested at the end of the year. Although it is still there on your record, it is not a conviction. This means you will never have a conviction on your license the first time for a DUI in Illinois; although there are still some consequences.

In most DUI cases, there will be a suspension of your license; you are going to get a suspension of some sort or another. In Illinois, you will receive a statutory summary suspension of six months if you blow over the legal limit of .08. It is a one year if you refuse to blow for a first DUI arrest. Even if you get court supervision and you complete it, it will not be on your driving record. This means that if your employer or anybody is looking, they will never see that you had a DUI conviction because there isn’t actually a conviction. At the end of the year, the case is dismissed without any conviction being entered. However, if you get the suspension that goes along with it, that can be viewed by the public. It will show there was an alcohol based suspension.

For example, if you are pulled over, arrested and you decide to refuse all tests politely, but the officer suspects you’re under the influence, he is still going to arrest you for the DUI. In that case, you’re going to get that statutory summary suspension. The burden on that is very low. In fact, the individual has the burden of showing that the State had no reason to give them a suspension.

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