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What Medications Do People Typically Get Charged For?

Most of these cases involve some sort of painkillers because painkillers have the same outward manifestations as alcohol, meaning the person would seem lethargic and not really with it, like if they were doped up one way or the other. It would almost be like if someone had a horrible cold and they were just out of it.

There would be nothing illegal about being out of it and driving like that other than the fact the person could be endangering people because they were driving when they were so sick, and they should not even be driving because that may be considered reckless driving.

Both would be considered class A misdemeanors and they would both land the person up to a year in jail. The person could still get in trouble if what they were doing was reckless, regardless of whether it was a legal amount of prescription drug or not.

I have not seen that many DUIs because of painkiller use because mostly things do not really manifest themselves. Things like antihistamines would usually not make the person dopey or slow so that the officer would be suspicious about what was going on. We have all seen people who are messed up, and I have seen people who are messed up on heroine or on pot and they tend to get really slow and dopey.

Do People Who Are Pulled Over For DUI With Prescription Drugs Know They Did Anything Wrong?

I met a couple of people recently who seemed to be in denial. I knew someone who had been taking a lot of cold medication because he was sick, and there was no question he was sick because it was hard to tell whether or not he was drunk. He had some Z-track and something else and he was taking three antibiotics and all kinds of medication, so he looked like a mess even on the video.

It was just amazing because the video showed him swerving from lane to lane when the officer pulled him over and he was staggering when he got out of the car. He blew a zero on the breathalyzer, so the officer concluded the person was definitely under the influence of something. The person explained he was just sick and that he had started getting sick at work, so he had taken some cold medicine.

People need to remember and be very careful about what they are taking because a lot of liquid cold medications have alcohol in them.

Do People Think It Is Not An Issue Because Prescription Medication Is Legal?

Absolutely. NyQuil is a perfect example because it is 10 or 11 percent alcohol. People take that and drive all the time when they get a cold and they do not think anything about it, although they should. It would just depend on how well they could deal with it. Some people are much more tolerant of these types of drugs, whereas some are much more affected.

How Does Science Come Into Play For Illegal Drug Cases?

It would be automatic for illegal drugs like pot, so the police would just have to show their lab report from the person’s urine or blood and they would be done. Something else may also show up or the blood test may show the presence of whatever else the person was taking.

Codeine is actually a narcotic, so if the person was taking any kind of a painkiller, it would be considered a narcotic and it could be a controlled substance. The police would see that something was messing up the person. Since every case would be different, it would be hard to really give any specifics about it.

Is This The Same As An Illegal Drug DUI?

It would be considered driving under the influence, and the influence could be caused by anything, alcohol, drugs, prescription drugs, or illegal drugs. Driving under the influence would mean the person was driving while something was influencing them.

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