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What Should Someone Do If They Are Pulled Over For A DUI?

Someone who was pulled over for a DUI should find an attorney who had a great deal of experience, if they want the best chance at favorable results, not someone who is right out of law school.

How Could Someone Choose The Correct Attorney?

It is advisable to interview a couple of attorneys, just to make sure and to try to get a feel for whether or not the person is comfortable with them, because some people are very good at making up stories. It can be hard to know who is telling the truth and who is not, so it would not hurt to do a little research and to try to look up the laws in order to know when somebody was telling the truth, or if they were trying to scare them just to get a fee out of them. It would also be important to look at the attorney’s experience. The person should look for someone who has adapted to their local jurisdiction, the way I know all of the people here in Lake County, McHenry County and in Cook County, although I would not know the judge or the prosecutor if I went to DuPage County or somewhere else. A lot of times, outside attorneys get treated differently, and they are given the “outsider treatment”. I grew up with everybody in my county and I’ve been here for 39 years. Around 95 percent of attorneys work their way up after starting off in the state attorney’s office or the public defender’s office.

I would look for someone who had worked there previously, and if possible I would recommend checking out their reviews or finding some way to see what people think of them. It can often provide a lot of information if the client can actually get a chance to see them in court. They would be able to see if the attorney got along with the judges and the prosecutors well or if they were the kind of person who was scared to go up there and say anything. The person should choose someone who is experienced and local.

Should Fees Be Considered When Choosing An Attorney?

A person can spend a lot less and get a really bad attorney, or they can spend a ton more and get a horrible attorney. I have known divorce attorneys who have rich clients, and they charge them $10,000 to $20,000 for a first time DUI, where any attorney could have gotten them the same fine and court supervision. The client should probably try and feel their way around and get a couple of opinions, because no decent attorney would mind if the client talked to somebody else. I always tell people to get a couple of opinions for anything serious, so they can see who they are comfortable with, if they are buying into their experience and their comfort level of what they are doing, and if they are proficient at what they are doing. The client needs not to be afraid to ask them how much experience they have, whether they have ever been on the other side, how many cases they have handled and how many they have won. They can shop around with regards to prices, although they should not always go by the price because price does not always ensure quality.

Should The Number Of Successful Cases Be Considered When Choosing An Attorney?

The number of cases an attorney won would not always be a good indication of how good the attorney was, because it would just depend on what cards they were being dealt and what kind of clients were coming in. They would not be able to win any cases if every client came in with a 0.20, although the person would have to go to trial for a refusal, which is where they might be able to ask the attorney how many trials they had done. A lot of people are afraid, so the client should want an experienced trial attorney. I know a DUI lawyer whose license plate says, “I win DUI” although I have never seen that attorney ever deal with a DUI at trial, so it is a huge scam going on.

Should Someone Consider An Attorney Who Gave A Guarantee?

The client should also be very cautious about attorneys making guarantees. Anybody who guarantees anything would probably be embellishing to the point of just trying to get the person as a client. An attorney cannot guarantee anything until the judge swings the gavel and says the case is over. A lot of attorneys lie, and it can get a lot worse when bigger criminal charges are involved, because then people become desperate to hear what they want to hear. It is not that common in DUIs but it is about the same situation when it is the person’s second, third or fourth DUI and they would be looking at prison. Any attorney who guarantees that the client would not spend a day in jail would be lying. If you have an attorney guaranteeing a result, get it in writing where your fee is refunded if they don’t get what’s guaranteed…I promise you that guarantee will disappear very quickly!

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