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Why Is It Important To Contact An Attorney To Avoid A DUI Conviction?

When Someone Wants To Just Plead Guilty After A DUI, The Attorney Has To Work Hard To Convince Them Not To

People come in and say to their attorney that they just want to get it over with. They may say, “It’s just a DUI. I just want to plead guilty.”

The attorney’s job is to represent his clients as best as he can and help them avoid those pitfalls. A well-informed client is obviously the best an attorney can get; hoping they can make intelligent decisions in the future and make let him know how to appropriately their case will be handled appropriately. In Illinois, you will have court supervision and classes you have to do as well as pay a fine. The client may say, “Oh, I’m too busy doing the classes. I’ll get around to it later”. This happens all of the time where somebody doesn’t get the classes on time or doesn’t pay the fines on time because they have got some financial hardship or they don’t bother going into court. They just kind of blow it off and then unbeknownst to them, the court files something saying, “You are on court supervision. You’ve got certain requirements to fulfill or we’ll take away the court supervision.”

The court will then send a notice with the petition to revoke your court supervision. A lot of people just ignore it or they changed their address where they are supposed to be getting their mail without notifying the clerk of the court. You always have to keep the clerk up to date on what’s going on.

In case if you don’t inform the court and you move, it’s very easy for the State to say that you have not fulfilled all of your obligations or paid your fines and they may revoke the court supervision and enter a conviction on your license.

There are severe consequences if you don’t follow through with your court obligations when you are supposed to do. If you have a good attorney, you should be able to go back and straighten it out. If you can fix the spring in the dam before it bursts open, that’s always better.

Contact The Office Of Barry Boches If You Are Facing A DUI Charge

People are always welcome to contact Attorney Barry Boches. He’ll be happy to answer any individualized questions. A DUI is a disaster which you want to avoid at all cost. From day one, it is going to haunt you for the rest of your life. These are not just collateral consequences, these are direct consequences such as immediately going to jail and losing your job and other financial things that can impact you for the rest of your life.

If you are Facing A DUI Charge In Illinois, Contact An Attorney To Avoid A DUI Conviction. Call the office of Barry Boches & Associates for a FREE Initial Consultation at (847) 244-4636 and get the information and legal answers you’re seeking.

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