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Will A DUI Conviction Affect Your Insurance Or College Admission?

Affect On Certain Scholarship Programs Or Entry Into Certain Universities Or Colleges After A DUI

A DUI on your record will absolutely have an effect on certain scholarship programs and entry into certain colleges or universities; not even just a DUI, any alcohol based arrest.

Attorney Barry Boches had a case where someone was going into college at the University of Iowa. He had a full-ride for football and he wound up getting a ticket for Illegal Consumption of Alcohol as a Minor. It was really a sad story because this young man was at a party and they accused him of having a beer but he wasn’t even driving.

In Illinois, if you get an Illegal Consumption of Alcohol Ticket and they give you court supervision, which does give you a conviction, you will get reported to the Secretary of State. Taking another example, if you are at a party and you are arrested for having a sip of beer when you are 18 or 19 years old, waiting to go into college, let’s say you get court supervision, you might think, “Okay, no big deal. It’s not a conviction.” Guess what? You may end up losing a scholarship just for something as simple as a minor consumption. Therefore, it may have severe consequences. Again, there are a lot of people vying for that admission spot and if a college has a choice between you, who has an alcohol violation, and 20 others with the exact same record and no alcohol violation, you know what they are going to do.

Health Insurance Or Your Car Insurance Company Can Deny Or Limit Coverage After A DUI Conviction

Your health insurance and your car insurance can deny or limit coverage even on a regular DUI. For a first-time DUI they can say, “We’re dropping you”. Even if you were just sentenced to court supervision with no conviction, that can still happen.

Looking at it from the insurance company’s point of view, if they see you with a DUI, they know you’re a liability. If you go once drunk, chances are pretty good that wasn’t the first time and the chances are pretty good it’s not going to be your last. That’s how they justify in their minds that they are going to take away your insurance or they are going to put you into “high risk” category.

A DUI Conviction Will Affect Your Insurance Or College Admission. To avoid a DUI conviction, call the office of Barry Boches & Associates for a FREE Initial Consultation at (847) 244-4636 and get the information and legal answers you’re seeking.

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