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Will The Charges Brought Against Me Be The Most Serious Charges?

The state is going to take whatever charges there are against you and they are going to charge probably the more serious charges. This way they have a little more bargaining power when they are trying to get you to plead out. Later on, for example, they can say that they will drop the residential burglary with the mandatory 4 to 15 years in prison and we will just charge them with a regular burglary which is probation-able.

Can An Attorney Unearth Evidence Before Charges Are Filed That Would Lead To Full Exoneration Of A Defendant?

It is possible for an attorney to unearth evidence before charges are filed that would lead to full exoneration of a defendant. If, for example, there is an allegation from someone and they are not really clear on dates and times, saying it took place “last Christmas,” we can then bring evidence showing that last Christmas you were in Tennessee with the rest of your family. The state’s attorney is going to say if you have a solid alibi that you were in another state, we may not even bother charging the case.

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