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Five Worst Crimes Committed By NFL Players

While some Football players may seem untouchable on the field, a number have gotten in trouble with the law off field. Here are five of the worst crimes committed by NFL Players:

  1. Jim Dunaway

Miami Dolphins player Jim Dunaway was the primary suspect in the murder of his wife, Nonniel Dunaway. In 1995, she was found dead in a swimming pool. Suspicion fell on her husband, who was arrested. However, the grand jury felt there was not enough evidence for an indictment. Despite this, his children filed a civil wrongful death suit and in 2002, received $500,000 in damages.

  1. Rae Carruth

Rae Carruth, a wide receiver for the Carolina Panthers was convicted of murdering Cherica Adams, the woman pregnant with his child. Adams was shot four times in a drive-by shooting, but survived long enough to call 9-1-1 and describe what happened. She told dispatchers that Carruth pulled up in front of her, stopping her escape, and assailants in another vehicle shot her. Once an arrest warrant had been issued, Carruth became a fugitive and was later captured hiding in the trunk of his car. He was charged with murder and received an 18 to 25-year prison sentence.

  1. Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis, a retired linebacker, was accused of murder after two men were found stabbed to death following a verbal and physical altercation with him at a Super Bowl party in 2000. When the two men were found, Lewis became a suspect. He was indicted on two counts of murder when a search of his limo produced a suit with the both men’s blood on it. While Lewis ended up pleading guilty to obstruction of justice, the murder charges were dropped by prosecutors because the suit he was wearing during the fight was never found. Lewis eventually ended up settling for an undisclosed amount with the victim’s family.

  1. Michael Vick

Michael Vick received a 23-month jail sentence for his role in funding, promoting and facilitating a dog-fighting ring. He was also convicted of the abuse and murder of his dogs.

  1. O.J. Simpson

O.J. Simpson became a household name in the 90’s when he was accused of murdering his wife and her alleged lover. Though the trial was a media sensation, Simpson was found not guilty. In the civil court, he was not so lucky, and was found guilty in a wrongful death suit filed by the victims’ families. Simpson’s brush with the law did not end there. He is currently serving a prison sentence for his role in an armed robbery and kidnapping case. According to records, Simpson and his accomplices broke into the hotel room of the victims and attempted to take sports memorabilia at gunpoint.

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