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Medical Malpractice Cases Occur On A Larger Scale Than Most Believe

Medical Malpractice cases occur quite often when compared with the annual death percentage. Medical malpractice is when someone either suffers an injury or dies as a result of doctors, surgeons, anesthesiologists, medical facilities, medical staff, among others negligence and or, recklessness.  The reasons why medical malpractice occurs vary from case to case such as medication error, anesthesia mistake, operating on the wrong body part, cutting a nerve, and more.

Medical malpractice injuries can result in catastrophic repercussions. A person may have to live their whole life with a disability that could have been prevented. Medical malpractice cases are intricate because they consist of many elements such as what injuries were sustained? How did the negligence happen? Was the doctor really negligent? Who is responsible? And much more. The vast majority of the time, a medical expert is necessary to give their opinion on the matter. Due to all of these elements, a medical malpractice case can sometimes take years to settle, depending on the composite of the case.

Study On Medical Malpractice

A John Hopkins professor ran a study that discovered how medical malpractice is the third recurrent cause of deaths around the United States.These were the specifics of the study:

  • 251,000 deaths each year due to medical malpractice
  • 5% of the total of deaths each year
  • Medical malpractice constitutes for more deaths than Alzheimer’s, accidents, strokes, and respiratory diseases every year
  • Only cancer and heart conditions kill more than medical malpractices

Medical malpractice deaths are almost at 10% of the total deaths in the U.S. When someone analyzes those statistics and thinks about all the ways of dying that there is, medical malpractice accounts for a lot. The study did not include those who were injured by medical malpractice, only those who died from it.

The professor mentioned how the medical community tends to mask when incidents like medical malpractice occur instead of making it aware to everyone so that those future mistakes can be prevented. They withhold the information instead of enlightening the medical community.

Why Does Medical Malpractice Happen?

The cause for a medical malpractice is not specific. Many variables can play a part in medical malpractices. We are all human, but mistakes in that field could be disastrous.  A doctor may have misread lab results or lacked enough sleep. The reasons why are very broad. These are some reasons that the personal injury litigators at Percy Martinez firm have encountered throughout their 20 plus years in practice:

  • Exhaustion
  • Misdiagnosis
  • Reading results incorrectly
  • Drug use
  • Failing to diagnose
  • Early discharge
  • And more

Victims Of Medical Malpractice

Those who have suffered from a medical malpractice whether directly or indirectly should hire a personal injury lawyer to fight by their side. Attorneys at Percy Martinez law firm have successfully won thousands of medical malpractice claims that have amounted to millions of dollars. They fight for the rights of the victim and seek full recovery for their clients. Give them a call at (305)529-0001 for a free consultation.

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