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How Easy Is It To Get Court Supervision?

Anyone who has received traffic violations would need to look at how serious the offenses were. If it was a really small offense, such as 10 mph over the speed limit, then there would be a rather good chance that the judge would approve court supervision.

Factors That Affect Whether The Judge Gives Court Supervision

One of the benefits of having an attorney is that when asking for court supervision, a judge would typically not question an attorney about their client’s criminal record or traffic record.

It can almost be guaranteed that if someone represents themselves in front of a judge and asks for court supervision, the judge would inquire as to how many tickets the person had received over the last year or the last two years. The fine might also be much higher and a person may also receive community service if you are representing yourself. People should generally never leave these things up to a judge or represent themselves.

What Sets You Apart In Handling Traffic Violation Cases?

For over 36 years, I have handled thousands of cases involving everything from reckless driving to DUIs, fleeing and eluding or felony fleeing and eluding. I know the judges and prosecutors well. There are reasons why someone would want an attorney who had familiarity with the key players, and who also knew the lay of the land and what was the temperament of the court that day. There is a lot of human factors to this. People think it is just black letter law, whereas there is actually a lot of subjectivity that goes into court cases as well.

This is where it would pay off for a person to have an attorney who had been around for a long time, who knew what they were doing and who had a good relationship with everyone.

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