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How Many Violations Would Typically Lead To A Suspension?

An adult over 21 would usually have to get three convictions in one year to receive a license suspension. Typically, if they were minor offenses, they may just receive a three-month suspension.

However, in a recent case, a person had three convictions out of which two were from out of state and one was in Illinois. Since this person received a third conviction, instead three months, the court decided to suspend his license for a year because there was also a reckless driving charge.

Do Traffic Violations Ever Just Fall Off Of Someone’s Record?

A common misconception is that after several years, their traffic violations might just drop off their record, whereas that is not the case.

There may be insurance companies who only look 10 or 20 years back, but they will also most likely look at a person’s entire record. The insurance company would try to use anything they could to increase rates so that they could make more money off of the person, which can certainly be more of a liability.

Driving Is A Privilege Not A Right

People need to keep in mind that having a license is not a right, it is a privilege. Therefore, there is a lot that goes along with that. There is the implied consent aspect for one. Since driving is a privilege, the state could take away someone’s license at any time they wanted to for more or less any reason they wanted to.

Differences Between Suspension And Revocation

A suspension would usually involve a time period such as three, six or 12 months, and you could also end up with an extended suspension if you receive any additional charges during this period. If you were to continually receive violations you would end up with having your license revoked.

A suspension would give someone a date on which their license would be reinstated barring any further violations. As long as the person paid a reinstatement fee and did not have further violations, they would be allowed to have their license back on a certain date after they all fines were paid.

In case of a revocation, a person would be given a date when the revocation would end/ However, that revocation would remain in effect until the person had a hearing with a hearing officer. These informal hearings are with the Secretary of State in the case of minor violations, such as for repeated suspensions.

Court Hearing For License Revocation

Revocations for a DUI or multiple DUIs might require having a formal hearing which can be very expensive and difficult. This is why you need an experienced attorney to handle your case. Our firm has an attorney who handles these cases frequently. Therefore court personnel are very familiar with him which can make things easier.

People Should Make Sure That All Fines Are Paid On Time To Get Their License Back

Everyone should remember a suspension would require the period of time of the suspended license and a payment of a reinstatement fee is required to be before it can be reinstated. These are things people would generally not want to deal with, but need to ensure the fees are paid as well in advance as possible, in order to have their license reinstated as soon as possible.

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