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What Are The Current Cell Phone Laws In Illinois?

Use of your cell phone while driving in the state of Illinois is considered a moving violation. A lot of accidents are caused by people texting.

There was a situation recently where I was almost involved in a head-on collision at 2:00 in the afternoon, and it was a very scary situation. The person came into my lane and was not paying attention. I had a truck to my right, so I swerved to the left and the person corrected himself and went back to the right in his lane.

It could have been a head-on collision and I really thought it would end badly. At the last second the other driver looked up and swerved over.

People obviously need to always drive defensively because so many people are texting while driving or they are on their phone and they are just not paying attention. This is really a very serious thing that is going on and police are trying to crack down on it.

Using A Cell Phone At Night Can Be Dangerous For Many Reasons

It is a bad idea to use a cell phone at night. It is always the better option to use a Bluetooth device or hands free if possible so that you do not have a cell phone in your hand. Cell phone use while driving could result in nearly a $500 ticket minimum if you are caught.

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